Smoke Stacks

The Smoke Stacks™ brand sources clean cannabis from the Grupo Flor™ family of independent cannabis production facilities located throughout Monterey County. Smoke Stacks™ is not just a nod to where Grupo Flor™ began, it is a beacon of a fledgling industry launched in the shadow of the old.​ Smoke Stacks™ flower is packaged by FlorX.


Big buds are comprised of Small buds. Small irregular buds are a byproduct of highest value bud production. Lit.Lz offers consumers these “irregulars” creatively packaged and at a great value. 


Fire Sale keeps it simple: cannabis at the best possible price. Often, fantastic cannabis gets delayed in the supply chain. Firesale works to connect these suppliers with quick processing and even faster distribution. That way this premium flower doesn’t go to waste and you get a crazy good deal. Like any buyer in the cannabis business, with the right sourcing – fantastically priced bud is guaranteed.


Hoodies are the ultimate in street fashion, worn by globe-trotting men and women everywhere. Different, but similar. There, but also Here.

We are all the same, under Hoodies.