Our Story

FlorX is a group of cannabis retail veterans, supply chain logistics experts, and straight-up process nerds who came together to create a distribution service with one singular goal: reduce back-end hassles so shop owners can focus on the front of shop. From our 40,000 square foot facility in Salinas, California and out to statewide distribution hubs, we not only handle the demands of state testing, quality control and tax management, but ensure you get shipped what you ordered when you expect it. Regulatory compliance and accountability is the “What” we do; but it’s really the “Why” we do and “How” we do distribution that sets FlorX™ apart.

We were working the counters back when at any hour of the day, there were at least three guys named Justin, just dying to sell units of “indoor” weed or funky rice krispy bars out of their backpacks. Times have certainly changed, but the cannabis heart has not. We’re still charging to make this industry better. That’s “Why” we do distribution.

We are continuing to build a unique depth of customer service together with tools that help shop owners focus on the customer. For example, we’ve simplified the order to shop delivery process (even automated if you like), we’re soon deploying real-time tracking with online dashboards and we’ve taken a lot of time to devise true clarity in our accounting statements. Simplicity, transparency and clarity; that’s “How” we do distribution.